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Akron Feis:
Registration opens Feb 20th

Great Lakes Feis:
Registration opens May 15th

Michigan Feis:
Registration opens May 15th

Gem City Feis:
Registration opens Aug 15th

Welcome to QuickFeis!

Welcome to QuickFeis!

We are now accepting new accounts - just click on the new account button on the right.

With your QuickFeis account, you will be able to register for feises.
We are currently accepting registration for the Akron Feis.
In a few months we will also open registration for:
   * The Great Lakes Feis (Lansing, MI)
   * The Michigan Feis (Muskegon, MI)
   * The Gem City Feis (Dayton, OH)

We will also continue providing FREE online results for past feises and the Mid America Oireachtas.

Thank you for all your support and good wishes!

Send the Luck of the Irish to a dancer attending the AOH AKRON FEIS!
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